Zero Day Anti-Malware


Network Box’s Z-Scan Anti-Malware system focuses on developing and releasing its own signatures to protect against emerging viruses within seconds of a threat being seen, rather than waiting for the antivirus industry to release a new signature which can often take nearly a day.


  • Z-Scan servers are active right across the globe, and work seamlessly with Network Box’s existing award winning M-Scan Anti-Virus systems.
  • Over 250,000 virus traps are already deployed.
  • Ultra high speed ‘zero-day virus’ response.
  • Best response times of just 3 seconds.
  • Performance 4,200 times faster than typical gateway anti-virus systems; which are protecting the majority of organizational networks today.

Anti-Malware Systems Comparison

  Z-Scan M-Scan Typical AV
Engines Total 1 15 1
Current Signature Total 250,000+ 6.9 Million + 3,500 - 2 Million
Malware Gathering Real Time Real Time Batch Processing
Update Technology Used In-The-Cloud PUSH PULL
Typical Signature Creation 1 - 30 Seconds 10 - 120 Minutes 3 - 12 Hours
Typical Signature Release 2 - 3 Seconds 30 - 45 Seconds Hourly / Daily
Expected Best Response Time 3 Seconds 10.5 Minutes 3.5 Hours

For further information, you may download the white paper.


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Network Box’s anti-malware systems have offered protection for mobile devices since April 2011