Network Box Adds 2 UTM Models to Its M-Series

Network Box Adds 2 UTM Models to Its M-Series, Providing Medium-Sized Businesses with Enterprise-Class Protection and Performance




Network Box has added two new models to its popular M-Series — a family of unified threat management (UTM) appliances targeted to medium-sized organisations requiring full Network Box UTM+, Content Filtering, Anti-Virus or Anti-Spam services.


The new M-255 and M-285, which join the series’ flagship model M-380, provide the speed and capacity to allow a business to grow while enabling comprehensive managed Internet threat protection. Medium-sized businesses will benefit from the enterprise-class protection the devices provide, using the same software and achieving the same superior performance as Network Box’s high-end models.


‘In an office with fewer than 50 people, we can run the full suite of applications that make our UTM+ unique, including our industry’s first intrusion detection and protection system in line with the firewall,’ Mark Webb-Johnson, CTO of Network Box Corporation said. ‘We can do multiple Internet connections, high availability and load balancing, and complex routing, which makes our managed service and M-Series UTMs ideal for any type of business — especially those with critical uptime requirements, like stock traders, or those that protect very sensitive data, like financial institutions.”


Built to operate in an office or a data centre, the M-255 and M-285 use low-power, low-heat technology to deliver more than twice the performance and four times the storage capacity of the successful M-250 model they replace. Both new models feature intelligent fan control to minimise noise and heat while maximising performance.


Specifications include 2 gigabytes of RAM; Network Box firmware on a 4-gigabyte compact flash; and a 320-gigabyte SATA hard drive for logs and database storage, as well as a temporary spool area. Each model has five Ethernet ports: four 10/100/1000 baseTX and one 10/100baseTX.


The M-255 is equipped with an Intel Celeron M processor at 1.5 gigahertz and yields about twice the performance of the discontinued M-250. The M-285 has an Intel Pentium M processor at 2 gigahertz – giving it an extra 25% to 30% speed boost over the M-255 model and making it nearly two-and-a-half times faster than the M-250.


The new models are suitable for either desktop or shelf use and are rack-mountable for data centre deployment. A front-panel LCD display and a four-key entry keypad are included for on-site maintenance, setup and diagnostics.


Full support is provided for Network Box advanced services such as load balancing, quality of service, and advanced policy-based routing. The units are fully managed and monitored from the Network Box Global Management System. In addition, they can be integrated with existing clusters and networks of Network Box UTM appliances.



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