Network Box launches S-Series UTM devices for SMEs and branch offices

Network Box launches S-Series UTM devices for SMEs and branch offices





A new range of unified threat management (UTM) devices designed for SMEs and branch offices, and supported by a full managed service, was launched today by managed security firm, Network Box. The S-Series range (S-35 and S-85) is available from 16 February 2010.


The S35 is designed for smaller offices that require a VPN (to connect remote workers or branch offices to a central location), firewall, and intrusion prevention functionality; as well as full support and management services.


The S85 is aimed at slightly larger SMEs, that require UTM+ services, Content Filtering and protection against malware. It offers an affordable solution for deploying effective managed internet threat protection, and again offers full support and management.


Both the S35 and the S85 feature Gigabit Ethernet ports and exceptionally fast Intel processors.  The units have no moving parts; and the usual CPU/motherboard layout is inverted, turning the top of the case into a heat sink so that no fan is required, even when operating at full processor speed. 


The S-35 model has a gigabyte of random access memory (RAM) and comes with Network Box firmware on a 2-gigabyte compact flash.  It yields an additional 32 gigabytes of solid state drive (SSD) storage for logs and database.  The firewall-plus service package Network Box offers provides a low-cost solution for connecting remote offices back to a central location.


The S-85 offers three times the network throughput and double the memory of the S-80 model it replaces.  The new model features 2 gigabytes of RAM and can be used with full UTM+ services for up to 10 users.  The device also comes with Network Box firmware on a 2-gigabyte industrial-grade compact flash and 32 gigabytes of SSD storage. 


Both S-Series models include five Ethernet ports, four 10/100/1000baseTX and one 10/100baseTX.  Full support is provided for Network Box advanced services such as load balancing, quality of service, and advanced policy based routing. The units are fully managed and monitored from the Network Box Global Management System.


Mark Webb-Johnson, CTO of Network Box Corporation at Network Box said, ‘Smaller businesses need protection that is every bit as robust as their larger counterparts, but at an affordable price. Our S-Series delivers that by focusing on the functionality most important to smaller businesses.”



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