Network Box releases new E-Series Range

Enterprises Consolidate Network Defences and Reduce CPU Strain With New E-Series From Network Box



Companies can consolidate their network security through one solution and greatly reduce the strain on operating resources, thanks to the new E-Series product range launched today by managed security company, Network Box.

The E-Series range includes solutions for medium (E1000) to large companies (E2000 and E4000) to allow the Network Box service to grow with their customers.

The exponential increase and rapidly-evolving nature of online threats means that, more defences are required, increasing the computing power needed to operate such defences. As a result companies of all sizes need to consolidate different security elements to provide effective security. The powerful E-Series affords protection against all online threats in one device, minimising the power and infrastructure required to provide comprehensive network security.

Today, the pressure on security technologies is unrelenting and they require ever-more powerful processors to analyse and quickly protect against sophisticated online threats. Over the last five years, Network Box has witnessed an increase in Anti-Virus signatures from 30,000 to 900,000, while Anti-Spam signatures have grown from 10,000 to 2 million. Using separate solutions powerful enough to combat these dangers is an administrative challenge and a significant drain on operating resources.

In addition to thwarting emerging threats, the powerful memory of Network Box E-Series means that it can easily maintain a library of old threats that sporadically reappear — unlike many security devices that purge databases because of limited memory, leaving companies open to attack.

Simon Heron, Internet Security Analyst, Network Box, said: ‘The number of attack vectors facing IT managers can be daunting. Often they will buy a number of different technologies to counter these threats. Managing many different solutions is not only a logistical headache, but also a real drain on an organisation's computing power. It also creates unnecessary layers of convoluted infrastructure."

The E-Series is designed for organisations of all sizes, managing all their security through a single device. It uses the minimum amount of processing power required to provide effective security, which means it never reduces the performance of the network.



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