Network Box Security Update

Network Box Security Update



Office 2007


As many customers will know the new Microsoft Office 2007 document format is a ZIP file, and Microsoft Office 2007 uses ‘.bin’ extensions for printer settings, so such printer settings would be policy blocked as in violation of nested ‘.bin’ attachment policy (for customers enforcing such a policy).

As more and more of our customers migrate to Microsoft Office 2007, this has been causing false-positive blocks, and so we have modified this policy to address this issue. As a result, emails and attachments with Microsoft Office 2007 documents will not be stopped using the ‘.bin’ company policy. However, these documents are still subject to three separate Anti-Virus engines on the Network Box: namely Kaspersky, Clam AVG and Network Boxes JIT as well as Anti-Spam, and other policy restrictions.

This update will be released on 28th May 2008. We can block Microsoft Office 2007 documents in this new format if customers request it, please notify the support team in the usual fashion.



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