Network Box releases enhanced Data Leakage Prevention

Network Box releases enhanced Data Leakage Prevention



According to the latest survey by Network Box, over 92 per cent of companies feel that it is important to deploy data-leakage prevention. This reveals that more and more people are now paying attention to the importance of data security. For this reason, Network Box has just released enhanced feature – Data Leakage Prevention (DLP).

Over the years, this feature has been requested by many customers to enforce policy blocks on outbound content and Network Box has been working on this solution for quite some time. Examples include such things as specific words, document files, credit card numbers, social security numbers (or ID card numbers), etc. At the beginning of March 2011, Network Box announced release of enhanced Data Leakage Prevention.

Implemented in two parts, this new engine applies the same award-winning Network Box anti-spam technology to policy on SMTP mail in the outbound direction and allows complex rules to be defined and policy blocks to be enforced. One engine is called ‘DLP_Rules’ engine, and another one is called ‘Policy_DLP’ engine.

The DLP_Rules engine runs at the policy scanning stage (after anti-virus and anti-spam). This can be configured to run on outbound data, inbound data, or bi-directionally. This engine can be used to block sensitive information such as a credit card numbers, a validated social security card number, etc. 

The Policy_DLP engine is configured with a list of directions, named DLP tests and thresholds. This permits sophisticated policy enforcement rules to be configured. With this engine, you can block outbound emails containing specific attachments, encrypted ZIP files, etc.

“The reason for developing Data Leakage Protection was that many companies and Banks all over the world both require due to government and security regulations. The more the focus on data security is, the more requests for DLP emerged. As with all additions to our technology, we looked at the many was to do this and after much testing and analysis, we have come up with what we think is a terrific solution that will be very well received by our many customers,” said Mark Webb-Johnson, CTO of Network Box Corporation.




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