In The Boxing Ring - June 2012


5 June 2012 -Welcome to the June 2012 edition of ‘In the Boxing Ring’!


This month, on pages 2 and 3, we present details on Network Box NBRS-5.0 achieved IPv6 Ready Logo certification and NBRS-5.0 Web Application Firewall.


NBRS-5.0 is designed to assist our customers with their migration to IPv6, not merely to act as an IPv6 device on the network. It is now IPv6 Ready certified to the Phase 2 criteria for the Core Protocols test specification.


Testing a product as sophisticated as the NBRS-5.0 Web Application Firewall is not a simple task. To gain confidence ourselves, and to clearly demonstrate the capabilities of the product to our customers, we have chosen a five stage testing methodology for NBRS-5.0 products: 1)Internal Testing, 2) External Testing, 3) Internal Benchmarking and Performance Tuning, 4) Internal Live Trials, 5) Pilot Projects.


The development of NBRS-5.0 has been an enormous undertaking for Network Box. Rethinking solutions to the network security and control problems that plague you,  our customers, day-by-day, is not an easy task - particularly in such a rapidly changing threat landscape. We are confident that you'll love NBRS-5.0, and we'll continue to release more information on this product, and on its component security modules, as we can.



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