Network Box 5.3, Managed Cyber-Security Platform, Launched


Network Box is extremely proud to announce, that the Network Box 5.3 managed cyber-security platform, has now been officially launched.


The launch took place on the 102nd floor of the Ritz-Carlton hotel, where Network Box booked the entire Michelin Starred TOSCA restaurant, including even the private rooms, to accommodate the enormous demand from clients and partners, who wanted to attend the historic unveiling.



We would like to thank everybody who attended; especially a number of partners, who flew half way around the world to be present.



Adding to the occasion, was the fact that Network Box, was also celebrating its 15th Anniversary.


To highlight the Network Box 5.3, and 15 years themes, a lucky draw took place, to give away 5 bottles of extremely coveted 15 year old Scotch Single Malt Whiskey, 3 bottles of fabulous Gold Award winning Merlot from the year 2000, and to top off the event, a total of 15 state-of-the-art Android tablets.


The Android tablets were given away, to bring attention to the fact that along with Network Box 5.3, both an updated Network Box iOS app, and for the first time, a matching Network Box Android app, are being released.


The last 15 years have seen Network Box successfully developing ground breaking patented technologies, winning well over 100 industry, media, and governmental awards, successfully joining security organizations across the globe, and achieving multiple certifications from key international standards bodies.


But most important of all, Network Box is honored to have successfully protected so many companies and organizations, in the USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Australasia, over the last 15 years.