In The Boxing Ring - August 2015

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4 August 2015 - Welcome to the August 2015 edition of ‘In the Boxing Ring’.


This month, we are proud to release the results of the unification of our ACLs and Rules engines across all components of our UTM+ platform. The ACL/Rules engine is the software component that implements policy decisions to allow or deny traffic. This unification brings important performance and functionality benefits, but most importantly standardises the way we treat ACLs and rules throughout the Network Box 5 system. This is discussed further on pages 2–3.


Back in 2006, we released the NBRS-3 (Network Box 3) platform, and since then it has been the core backbone for Network Box security appliances protecting thousands of our managed customer networks around the world. However, times have moved on, and the platform is now almost 10 years old and hard to keep up-to-date on modern hardware. Thus, as of 1st August 2015, we are announcing the sunset of the Network Box 3 platform. This, and our Sunset Policy, is discussed further on page 4.


On pages 5–6, we highlight the features and fixes to be released in this month’s patch Tuesday for Network Box 5 and Network Box 3. Based on Sunset Policy,  we will continue to support, Network Box 3 until at least late 2018.


The newsletter can be downloaded from the Network Box website.


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