In The Boxing Ring - April 2012


3 April 2012 - Welcome to the April 2012 edition of ‘In the Boxing Ring’. In this edition, we focus on the Network Box NBRS-5.0 Web Application Firewall.


What makes the Network Box NBRS-5.0 Web Application Firewall (WAF) special? Why choose Network Box over the many competitors in the same field? The basic answer is that just as with the Network Box approach to UTM, adding services and functionality to make UTM+, Network Box has taken all the key security components necessary to protect a web server and put them into one holistically managed device with associated services. WAF+.

The development of NBRS-5.0 has been an enormous undertaking for Network Box. Rethinking solutions to the network security and control problems that plague you,  our customers, day-by-day, is not an easy task - particularly in such a rapidly changing threat landscape. We are confident that you'll love NBRS-5.0, and we'll continue to release more information on this product, and on its component security modules, as we can.


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