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In the Boxing Ring


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In the Boxing Ring - October 2018 [PDF]


ItBR - October 2018


2 October 2018 - Welcome to the October 2018 edition of ‘In the Boxing Ring’.


This month, in our feature article, Network Box’s Managing Director, Michael Gazeley, talks about security issues facing The Internet of Things. The IoT (Internet of Things) has made everything significantly more complicated than before. All of a sudden, your photocopier, televisions, printers, projectors, phone system, refrigerators, microwaves, and even lighting systems, are becoming computers too. Without adequate cyber protection, all these devices are vulnerable to hackers and cyber criminals. On pages 2 to 3 we discuss this in further detail, and highlight the dangers for IoT.


On page 4, we highlight the features and fixes to be released in this month’s patch Tuesday for Network Box 5.


In other news, Network Box Hong Kong was at the launching ceremony of the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer’s (OGCIO) Pilot Partnership Programme, Cybersec Infohub. In addition, Network Box was featured in several media outlets including the South China Morning Post and Security Insider. Finally, Network Box held a cyber security seminar titled “10 Cyber Security Facts (that you need to know).”


The newsletter can be downloaded from the Network Box website.


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Network Box Focus


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Network Box Focus - October 2018 [PDF]


Network Box Focus - October 2018


This month's highlights include:

  • Network Box Hong Kong: Cybersec Infohub
  • Network Box Cybersecurity Seminar: 10 Cybersecurity Facts(that you need to know)
  • Network Box Media Coverage: South China Morning Post / Security Insider


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