Network Box Wins Biz IT Excellence Award 2012


Network Box won the Biz IT Excellence Award 2012 for Managed Security Services today. PC Market published the details of the win in their feature article, which highlighted many of Network Box's state-of-the-art cyber security services, our Z-Scan anti-zero day malware cloud based shield, WAF-Scan anti-distributed denial of service web application firewall, and IPv4-IPv6 / IPv6-IPv4 automatic bridging capabilities were all singled out for praise.



In addition, Network Box Security Response's tripleISO 9001 / ISO 20000 / ISO 27001 certification, triple 100% Tolly Group effectiveness certification against Extended WildList Malware, and Network Box's overall cost effectiveness and general affordability, were all well noted too. We would like to thank Biz IT, their panel of experts who shortlisted us, and most of all the Biz IT readers who voted for us.